Bridge or Implant. We Make Costs a Non-Issue. Pick the Better Choice.


If you have one or more missing teeth, there are some things you should know. Dental implants are often the best treatment for a missing tooth, and at Redbud Dental we are working hard to make dental implants affordable. For too long dentists have been gouging patients on the price of dental implants. We are trying to change that. Typically we can replace a missing teeth with implants for less than many offices charge for a comparable bridge. That's right an implant for LESS than a bridge!!!


There are several advantages to replacing a tooth with an implant instead of a bridge:


    Implants don't put adjacent teeth at risk (for a bridge we have to grind adjacent teeth down to accept crowns to retain the bridge

    Unlike a bridge, you can floss between an implant and the adjacent teeth for greater overall health

    Implants prevent the bone and gums around the missing from meling away



There are a variety of implant treatment options available. Let us help you choose the right one for you.


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Quality dental implants are Affordable at Redbud Dental


At Redbud Dental in Edmond and Moore, we perform quality implant treatment with excellent results. We have had many happy implant patients over the years who have gotten their smiles back. Due to large number of implants placed by our surgeons we are a major regional provider of implant services. This allows us to save on implants and implant parts, and we pass the savings on with affordable pricing.


Dr. Jay Peck, the founder of Redbud Dental, believes dental implants should be available to everyone. He is frustrated by the price gouging of most dentists and oral surgeons. He is also frustrated by the bait and switch at many offices advertising low price implants. Then, when you show up, you find the low price only applies to inferior, short-lasting mini-dental implants or to incomplete packages with hidden additional charges.


Dr.Jay Peck's main focus is quality dental implant treatment. He places a lot of dental implants and is able to lower his costs through volume. He passes the savings on to his patients. He learned to place and restore implants in an advanced general dentistry residency at the University of Oklahoma


You already know dental implants are without any doubt the BEST treatment for one or more missing teeth. Don't sacrifice quality and logevity by getting mini-dental implants. We provide full-size implants at reasonable prices. Don't harm your other teeth with a bridge. We can often replace a missing tooth with an implant for about the same price as a bridge. Don't suffer with loose dentures. We can affordably lock-down your denture. If you have gotten a quote from a typical dentist, you were probably shocked by the price. Don't worry. Dental implants can be affordable.


The Redbud Dental advantage:


    affordable prices

    honest pricing -- no hidden charges & complete case pricing

    highly experienced and trained implant surgeon

    all major insurances accepted

    no interest financing available (WAC)

    high quality, full-size dental implants


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